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Chris Dorsey in gardens of Rancho Joaquina

Chris Dorsey in gardens of historic 1920’s adobe mansion

Chris Dorsey, first was introduced to Spirit of the Senses by guitar master Frank Koonce.  Since that time through the years Chris has performed wonderful guitar performances at the salons.  The last few years Chris has introduced some of his own guitar compositions to compliment his performances of the music of Argentina and South America, including the music of Marcelo Coronel.   His performance this summer was enhanced by the setting of an enchanting historic adobe mansion.


Upcoming Salons

September 1st Tuesday 7PM     When Robots Take Our Jobs

September 2nd Wednesday 7PM    Conversation with Grant Woods

Sarah Bolmercich, PhD with Thomas Houlon looking at Greek translation of The Iliad

Sarah Bolmercich, PhD with Thomas Houlon looking at Greek translation of The Iliad


Some have said that the first story in Western literature is the best.  This story ‘The Iliad’ by Homer is said to have been written in the 8th century BCE in Ancient Greece.  The story describes a period in The Trojan War circa 1200 BCE.   We asked Sarah Bolmercich, PhD, a classics lecturer at Arizona State University to discuss Homer, The Iliad, and the modern notion of character in relation to the ancient story’s hero Achilles.

Sarah, who has presented many engaging salons in the past on the Ancient World, began by discussing the speculation and historical inquiry into who was Homer, author of The Iliad and The Odyssey.  Was Homer one or many persons?  Was Homer a woman?  Where and when did Homer live?  When was The Iliad and The Odyssey written and first told?  Were parts of The Iliad and The Odyssey written at different times?  Was The Iliad and The Odyssey written by the same author?   Did the hero Achilles change?  Did Achilles posses the personality trait of character?

At the salon our hosts had a copy of The Iliad written in Greek.  Sarah read from this book to offer members attending the chance to hear the spoken Greek language and have some idea what the Iliad might have sounded as when told three thousand years ago, when the story was sung by bards.

Upcoming Salons:

August 22nd Saturday 7PM                  Guitar of Chris Dorsey

August 24th Monday 7PM                    Noir in Phoenix

August 26th Wednesday 6:30PM          American Modernism at Phoenix Art Museum

August 28th Friday 7PM                        Happiness

August 27th Thursday 5PM   Special Event: FineMark Art Party for Artists Ellen and Bill Leibow

Thomas Houlon with Simin Levinson

This summer a variety of nutritional subjects and views are being offered at the salons. 

In July, Melissa Johnson, MS, RDN, a clinical professor at School of Nutrition, ASU, and President, Arizona Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,  discussed the GMO controversy and using genetically modified foods in the diet.  Melissa used a video clip from Jimmy Kimmel to point out that few people know what the letters GMO represent or know why the public has a negative view.  Melissa argued that all non organic foods contain genetically modified ingredients, and that many foods with GMO’s are healthy.

This past week Simin Levinson, MS, RDN, CSSD, a clinical professor in the College of Health Solutions, ASU, and a nutritional consultant with the Phoenix Suns, discussed nutrition to optimize brain and physical performance.   Simin discussed her views about  the health benefits of staying hydrated by drinking water, the value of green tea, the health benefits of different colored foods, and the importance of breakfast.

In September Chef Michele Redmond, MS, RD, a faculty associate at ASU and founder of The Taste Workshop, who teaches healthy cuisine and taste appreciation, will discuss dietary fats and oils.


The September Salon calendar is now on the Spirit of the Senses website.


Upcoming Salons:

August 16th Sunday 7PM         Who Was Achilles?

August 22nd Saturday 7PM     Guitar of Chris Dorsey


Bruce Rittmann, PhD, Thomas Houlon, Jim Holway, PhD, and Paul Westerhoff, PhD at The Biodesign Institute, ASU

Bruce Rittmann, PhD, a member of Spirit of the Senses, and a world leading researcher on cleaning water with microbes, assembled a panel to discuss the future of water in California and Arizona.  There was a lot of information and some surprising details revealed at this salon on ‘Implications of Drought in California and Arizona’. The panel consisted of some of the most informed individuals in Arizona who research water solutions.  The panelists discussed how Arizona has prepared and has more water reserves than California, though a prolonged drought would make necessary some dramatic changes in Arizona water use.

Books we are reading now:

Two new books authored by Spirit of the Senses salon presenters:

Frank Wilcek, PhD   “A Beautiful Question:  Finding Nature’s Deep Design”

In this book Frank Wilczek, a Nobel Laureate of Physics, brings together a lifetime of research in understanding the relationship of all things in the Universe, and how we may see with a fresh view a perspective on life.

Joseph LeDoux, PhD  “Anxious”

In this book, Joseph LeDoux, one of the world’s leading researchers on how emotions are formed in the brain, discusses how a theory on the origin of fear in the brain that he has been a major proponent of, is wrong.

Upcoming Salons:

August 10th – Nutrition to Optimize Brain and Physical Performance

August 16th – Who Was Achilles?

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