Spirit of the Senses

The Salon: Social Experience of Art, Science, and Cultural



Thomas Houlon and wife Patty Barnes direct the organization, develop salons from extensive resources, and maintain the Spirit of the Senses Web site, created and designed by Patty. There are about three hundred people that are members of Spirit of the Senses. The members are comprised of about half married and half single people, from a variety of ages, professions and interests.


Spirit of the Senses salons are hosted in private homes and other spaces that are private for the salons. The locations are in the Phoenix metropolitan area, and mostly in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and north central Phoenix. Once each year Spirit of the Senses visits New York City for a week of salons with New Yorkers.


Spirit of the Senses creates salons about a dozen times each month, mostly during the evening hours and occasionally during the day. The salons usually last about two hours with a break for refreshments and discussion. The salons occur on both weekdays and weekends. Members may attend up to five salons each month.


Spirit of the Senses provides a means for people to find stimulation for ideas and expression in an environment focused on the arts, sciences and culture.


Spirit of the Senses is supported by membership dues. Become a member today and start enjoying the salons.


Spirit of the Senses was created in the summer of 1983. Since then, Spirit of the Senses has developed about five thousand salons and has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post and on ABC television’s Good Morning America.

Please visit our website:   http://www.spiritofthesenses.org

To join, please visit our membership/application page:  http://www.spiritofthesenses.org/application.htm



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